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Ratchet - Onepassingnight app

Your name: Eco
Your journal: ecojak
Contact: AIM: Staciegoz90 / e-mail: Staciegoz90@aol.com / plurk: ecojak
Other characters played at Passing: Zack Fair

Character name: Ratchet
Character fandom: Ratchet and Clank
Version: [V1]
Canon point: Starting out from the beginning of the second game, Going Commando
Importing development from old game? Nnnope
Background: http://ratchet.wikia.com/wiki/Ratchet

Changes from canon, if AU: None!

Personality: Ratchet, over the past few years, has led a pretty carefree, if not boring, life. Even with the satisfaction of having saved the galaxy once already, he always feels like he should be doing more. He's very restless, very eager, and can't stand just sitting in one spot for too long at all. Most of this energy just goes into little - and sometimes bigger! - projects - hardly ever successful, but satisfying the 'tinker' urge he's engrained with.

Over the past year, he's also done quite a bit of maturing with Clank's company now in his life. He's less tempramental, not lashing out as much as he'd used to, and even a little more attached to the people he meets. This could lead to a bit of a downside as well - Ratchet gets to be a little too protective at times, and will even threaten those who seem like they'd want to make a move before hearing them out. But he calms down quickly once things fall into place, and that cheerful demeanor is back once more.

Ratchet goes by the expression, 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going.' Like anyone else, he'll have his bad days. He feels remorse, guilt, and even anger at certain things; but it doesn't get him down for too long. Because if he sits around, wondering what could have been, then nothing would be getting done. People would still be hurting when they need a hero, and this often leads to him jumping into the action without even knowing the full situation. He's dedicated, and loyal to the bone, no matter how bad things get.

Abilities: Ratchet, with his Lombax anatomy, is by nature very swift and agile. His balance is extraordinary, he's unmatched in hand-to-hand combat when he doesn't have his numerous weapons to fall back on, though he lacks any kind of superhuman abilities. He still needs Clank to be able to leap long distances, and any kind of firepower comes from either his weapons, or the Omniwrench.

For his size, he can also take quite the beating, restoring his health with a type of nano-technology. In canon, the Nanotech is absorbed into one's body, finding the source of the injury, and manipulating the body's own cells to stitch the wound healed again. This is also helpful in revitalizing lost energy, and sometimes even making the user stronger.

Writing sample: This place again.

For all sakes and purposes, he couldn't understand why his dreams eventually brought him back here. A ruined city, void of even any animal life, spread out among him as he's always looking down. Maybe he spots the carcass of some creature laying among the fountain. Or maybe there's a teddy langing from a lamp post, half-singed by flames and torn at the waist. But as soon as he turned his eyes from either, they were both gone - vanishing with the world the more he tried to figure out what any of it meant.

Somewhere in his subconscious, he was supposed to know where this was. A distant memory, a forgotten memory, or maybe even nothing at all. Sometimes, it was hard to tell. Sometimes it felt like he wasn't meant to remember. It frustrated him to no end until he would eventually wake up, and forget about the dream in the first place.

But here it was.

It was a familiar world, filled with sadness... and some kind of a horrible war he couldn't recall the reason to. Usually, two people are talking over him - a blonde Lombax, much like himself, and a larger, white one - before the blonde Lombax runs off, and there's a cry of anguish. And then it all goes quiet.

Now, he was alone again, without even Clank strapped to his back or the near-nonsensical chatter of Mr. Fizzwidget over his communicator. The sun cheerfully shone on the rotted, decayed ruins, of which he sat upon thoughtfully. It would've take quite some time to reach him, where he was perched.

But that was okay.

Because with the sorrow, came happiness. Because he really wasn't alone - he'd wake up, and though they were seperated for the time being, Clank was there. Once this job was over, they'd head back to the Solana galaxy, having helped another person in need. An entire corporation in need.

A smile spread on his face.

Voice sample: Dear Mun post!

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